ools for Treatment intends to seek out these resources below to help identify gaps in the process of delivering treatment.

Each of these resources offer a unique perspective on delivering or receiving treatment. By building a bridge between each of these resources, efficiency can be improved and frustration removed allowing the patients and their families to focus on recovery.


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    While doctors spend a limited amount of time with patients, each encounter must be as efficient as possible so that they can stay focused and deliver maximum care to all their patients.


    Nurses spend the most time with patients. When patients are frustrated, nurses spend extra time listening and finding solutions to these frustrations that could be better utilized on patient care.

    Facility Administrators

    Facility administrators have to consider business concerns in addition to maximizing the care that a patient receives. They ultimately decide which tools can be tested or placed in their facility for caretakers and patients to use.


    Patients and their families experience their treatment very differently than those providing the treatment. They are the most touched by the challenges that practitioners have and any resulting frustration can hinder their recovery.

These resources will be recruited to participate in the first of phases. To learn about these phases, click here.